1. Building Department

  2. Community Development

    Building, Engineering, & Planning

  3. Finance Department

    The Sales Tax and Accounting Department is responsible for administration of the Town's finances, budget, accounts receivable and accounts payable, local sales tax collection and employee benefits.

  4. Forestry Department

    The Forestry Department is responsible for the health of our forests within Town limits, including tree and slash removal, and mitigation.

  5. Gardening Department

    View information about the Gardening Department including information about the Town flower.

  6. Parks Department

    There are 3 parks located in Winter Park for our residents and visitors to enjoy.

  7. Police Department

    In May 2005, the Fraser/Winter Park Police Department began providing law enforcement services to the citizens and visitors of the Towns of Fraser and Winter Park.

  8. Public Works Department

    The Public Works Department consists of full-time employees and seasonal crews dedicated to Winter Park's gardens, parks, and forests.

  9. Town Clerk Department

    Learn about the duties and responsibilities of the Town Clerk.

  10. Town Manager Department

    The Town Manager is the chief executive and administrative officer of the Town and is responsible to the Town Council for the administration and execution of all affairs of the Town.

  11. Grand County Water & Sanitation District #1

    The Grand County Water & Sanitation District #1 boundary includes Beaver Village, downtown Winter Park, Leland Creek subdivision, and Hi Country Haus.

  12. Transit Department

  13. Winter Park Water & Sanitation District

    The Winter Park Water & Sanitation District t is a special district and is governed by State statute and its own Board of Directors.