2023-2024 Council Priorities

Council Five-Year Vision and 2023-24 Priorities

Town Council held their annual retreat on May 23, 2023, to discuss and outline priorities for the coming years. A Five-Year Vision was developed in addition to the below list of priorities (shown here is an overview). These priorities give the Town staff direction to undertake projects.

  1. Advance housing projects within Winter Park and Fraser Valley
  2. Develop infrastructure improvement plans to address negative impacts where infrastructure is required or mitigation is needed to maintain Winter Park's natural areas
  3. Finalize the Town's zoning code and development regulations
  4. Advance mental health initiatives in the community
  5. Support a year-round economy by creating more opportunities in the community to activate businesses
  6. Bring back more community engagement events that capture our local character and culture
  7. Pursue the creation of a Regional Transit Authority
  8. Advance environmental sustainability initiatives through the commitment of staff resources, the pursuit of grant funding, working with community partners, and engaging the consultant from the Imagine Winter Park Plan to evaluate and better define the four core values
  9. Continue the Town's marketing strategy through partnerships with the Chamber, Resort, and other community partners
  10. Maintain communication and relationship building with the Town's strategic partners


2023-2024 COUNCIL PRIORITIES (pdf)