Town Council Regular Meeting 03.21.2023

  • Public Hearing, Special Event Permit for Winter Park Resort, Spring Bash & Splash
  • Public Hearing, New Liquor License for BEEV LLC d.b.a. James Peak Pizza Joint
  • Public Hearing, New Liquor License for South & West Holdings LLC d.b.a. South & West Provisions
  • Ordinance 596, Second Reading and Public Hearing, Amending Town Code to Reduce Regulated Marijuana Business Licenses and to Limit their Location
  • Ordinance 597, First Reading, Annexing Beaver Village Condominiums
  • Ordinance 598, First Reading, Zoning for Beaver Village Condominiums
  • Ordinance 599, First Reading, Adding a New Condo-Hotel Use to Town Code
  • Resolution 2047, Executive Director for Fraser River Valley Housing Partnership Memorandum of Understanding