Town Council Regular Meeting 10.05.2021

  • Public Hearing (Local Liquor Licensing Authority) Change of Class for Winter Park LandCo, LLC d.b.a. The A-Frame Club Winter Park
  • Approving Process for Random Selection for Regulated Business  License Application Process
  • Ordinance 564, Second Reading and Public Hearing, Annexing a 4.16 Acre Parcel known as the Roger's property
  • Ordinance 565, Second Reading and Public Hearing, Zoning a 4.16 Acre Parcel know as the Roger's property
  • Approving the Annexation, Zoning Development and Vested Rights Agreement for Winter Park Enterprises, LLC
  • Public Hearing, Findings of Fact, Determinations, and Conclusions Concerning the Annexation of Cooper Creek Village Property Located in Unincorporated Grand County - this item will be opened and then continued to October 19, 2021 Regular Meeting