Archive of Updates Related to COVID-19

May 19, 2020

Due to the pandemic's impact on our business community, Town Council approved an emergency ordinance that immediately suspends certain regulations and fees through October 31, 2020. The ordinance suspends the following:

  • The single-use plastic bag fee
  • Sign ordinance regulations prohibiting sandwich boards and banners located on sidewalks as long as they don’t impede pedestrians
  • The design review process, associated fees and building permit fees for the expansion of patios
  • Parking requirements for restaurants to allow for expansions of patios into private parking areas

The ordinance also authorizes the Town Clerk to administratively grant local authority approval for liquor license expansion of premise applications; State approval and fees are still required.

May 15, 2020

  • Town Hall will reopen to the public with safety measures in place on Monday, May 18th. Like we have done throughout COVID-19 related closures, residents can access town services without coming in-person to Town Hall by calling or emailing Town staff. We will continue to provide those options to all residents, including those in higher-risk health categories. As some town staff will continue to work remotely, you may wish to still consider calling and making an appointment prior to coming in-person to Town Hall.
  • To protect our staff members and residents we are implementing several safety measures for visitors to Town Hall including asking the public to wear masks. See all of the safety measures HERE.
  • While the Town Council has been invited back to be physically present at Town Hall for Council meetings, we will continue to offer the meetings digitally to the public in order to limit the total size of the gatherings. We look forward to reopening the meetings to the public when it is safe to do so.
  • Grand County has submitted a variance request to the state requesting permission to safely reopen restaurants and short-term lodging. We look forward to helping our community businesses reopen as soon as possible and with appropriate safety precautions in place. We hope to be able to provide an update on the status of the variance request next week.
  • At next Tuesday’s council meeting, Council will consider an emergency ordinance to allow local restaurants to temporarily expand their outdoor seating areas. Restaurants will need to apply to the state liquor enforcement division to serve alcohol in the expanded outdoor service area. The application is available HERE. For more information contact our Town Clerk, Dani Jardee at
  • Even though safety guidelines will prevent summer concerts, we are working with the Chamber of Commerce to have a summer event plan that will provide a variety of enjoyable ways to venture out to Winter Park this summer. Look for more information coming soon.

April 27, 2020

  • Today the state of Colorado has moved to the “Safer at Home” phase of COVID-19 mitigation. While Coloradoans will no longer be ordered to stay home, there are many things that will not change. Coloradoans, including Grand County residents, are strongly advised to stay at home. Critical businesses are open and non-critical businesses are operating with restrictions. Restaurants and bars will continue to only be open for take-out and delivery.
  • Grand County Public Health has extended the Short-Term Lodging Restrictions to May 21, 2020. The order prohibits all Short-Term Lodging (STR) operations from operating and taking new reservations until May 21, 2020. Please note, during this time, STR operations may continue to take reservations that commence May 22 or thereafter (keeping in mind that, should increased disease transmission become an issue, the Order could be extended beyond May 21). STR operations include, but are not limited to, campgrounds, reserved camping sites, hotels, motels, bed and breakfast establishments, lodges, retreats and “short-term rentals” (30 days or less).
  • Please continue taking the appropriate precautions to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Stay at home unless it is critical to conduct a necessary activity. If you must leave your home, wear a face covering and maintain a minimum of six feet between you and others. Workers at essential businesses, including retail food operators, must wear face coverings while at work and gloves when in contact with customers or goods. Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing.

April 21, 2020

  • We are hosting another remote council meeting tonight. We have updated our guidance on giving public comment during a remote meeting to match the Zoom Webinar format. Pay special attention if you plan to dial-in from your phone and give public comment.
  • We are hard-at-work with the Grand County EOC and Winter Park Fraser Chamber of Commerce to be ready for Colorado’s Stay-at-home order to transition to Safer-at-Home. We anticipate working with all of our partners to ensure that we keep everyone’s health and safety a top-priority while reopening our economy.

April 6, 2020

Keep calm and vote on! Town Staff is prepared to comply with all current CDC and Public Health to safely conduct our April 7th election. Please help us keep everyone safe by bringing your own pen, and wearing a mask, bandana, neck gaiter, or scarf. Please also follow floor markings to ensure any line includes six-feet of social distancing and follow directions to allow only one voter at a time in our Council Chambers. Additionally, there will be ready access to the restrooms outside of the Council chambers so you can wash your hands prior to voting. Hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes will also be available. We will also have a small number of surgical masks available for voters who do not have another means of covering their nose and mouth but would like to save as many as possible to return to health providers and first-responders. Voters should also consider coming outside of the typical lunch-hour rush to avoid a line-up entirely.

April 3, 2020

  • On Friday, April 3, Governor Polis announced the Colorado Mask Campaign encouraging Coloradans to wear non-medical cloth face coverings when leaving the home for essential business. By April 15, everyone should wear a mask when outside of their home for necessary activities. While this is not required, the Governor is encouraging all Coloradans to wear a cloth face covering when going out in public. We all should be committed to doing everything we can to not only keep vulnerable people safe but help prevent our doctors and nurses from being overwhelmed by this pandemic.
  • There is no need to buy a mask! You can repurpose a t-shirt, a dish towel, a bandana, or other fabric items into a mask that fits your face! There are great instructions online at

March 31, 2020

Grand County issued a Public Health Order limiting the operations of short-term lodging until April 30th. Both the Public Health Order and the press release are available on Grand County’s website. There is also a form to submit complaints and self-certify exemptions.

March 25, 2020

  • Both Governor Polis and Grand County Public Health (GCPH) have important updates with the same message: Stay Home. Governor Polis’s stay-at-home order and GCPH stay-at-home advisory show that it is critical for residents to limit unnecessary social contact, limit trips outside of the home to essential work functions and purchasing basic supplies, and even to recreate outside with social distancing in-mind.
  • Local grocery stores have updated their hours. Fireside market is open from 8 am – 7 pm to allow for additional sanitation. Online and pick-up orders are available. Safeway and City Market are both open 7 am - 8 pm and are reserving the hours of 7-9am on Tuesday and Thursday to shopping for our most vulnerable population - senior citizens and other at-risk populations. You can also contact Grand County’s COVID-19 response if you need assistance shopping for essential supplies at 970-725-3803.
  • The last thing you need right now is a clogged toilet. Flushable wipes are not actually “flushable”. They do not break down like toilet paper and can cause a clog. See this helpful explanation from the Denver Post

March 22, 2020

  • Town Hall remains closed to the public. You can still reach all staff members via phone or e-mail. Please continue to prioritize conducting business with the Town electronically. If you do have to conduct business with the Town in-person call ahead before coming to Town Hall as most of our employees are now working remotely.
  • Due to a 90% drop in ridership and overall transit demand, The Lift will begin summer service on March 23. Updated maps and schedules are available on The Lift website, including the new extension of fixed-route service through Meadowridge and along the Wapiti/County Road 8 areas on the Summer Black Line. This level of service will continue to provide a transit option for those who need to access groceries, medical facilities, prescriptions, etc.
  • We have also implemented back-door boardings to maintain appropriate social distancing for our drivers. Front door boardings will continue to be available for our riders with disabilities or for elderly riders who may need it.
  • We have no plans to stop operating transit service. We will ONLY stop transit service if we are told to do so by county, state, or federal authorities. We understand the importance of providing safe and reliable mobility options to our community during this time.
  • As of 5 p.m., March 22, Grand County reports the following testing and case numbers for local COVID-19 activity:
    • Positive cases: 1
    • Probable positives: 1
    • Deaths: 0
  • The first positive case was reported on March 17. The one probable positive case is the spouse of the confirmed case. The positive case that was reported today is an individual who works in Grand County and has a permanent residence in another county. That case will NOT be counted in the Grand County tally but will be counted in the appropriate county.
  • We know the news today of a positive case associated with Grand County may be distressing to many. The lack of specific details regarding the patient’s identity, location, and ties to Grand County can be frustrating, but please understand that we are giving as much information as we can to protect our public about cases in our community. We must keep identifying information private to protect the individual. An individual’s medical information is not public information. Be assured that our team is working vigilantly to communicate with positive cases to identify people they have been in close contact with and are notifying those that may have been exposed, assessing their current symptoms if any, and encouraging self-quarantine to protect the health of the public.
  • Grand County Statement on Social Responsibility: The public must respect the fact that small mountain communities are NOT safe havens from COVID-19 and we have very limited resources and supplies. Grand County only has three small emergency departments and only two major grocery providers for the 15,000 permanent residents living here. We do not have the capacity to feed, house and care for a large number of visitors, especially immunocompromised or high-risk individuals. Please take this to heart when you think about traveling in Colorado. The safest actions you can take are to stay at home, enjoy some fresh air and take care of your mind and body during this challenging time. The more we self-quarantine physically, the better we will be able to fend off the virus in our communities.

March 21, 2020

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis took several actions:

  • Issued an order that requires Colorado to reduce its in-person workforce by 50% or more for non-critical businesses, effective Monday.
  • Announced that the state will be taking action to provide relief from evictions, foreclosures, and utility shut-offs.
  • Requested that all property owners and landlords refrain from removing tenants or mobile homeowners without cause or as a result of late rent payment or minor tenancy violations through April 30, unless public safety requires it.
  • Asked that all property owners and landlords refrain from imposing a fee for the late payment or nonpayment of rent through the end of April.
  • Directed the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment’s (CDLE) Unemployment Insurance Division to expedite claim payments during this state of emergency.
  • Extended the income tax payment deadline for all Colorado taxpayers by 90 days until July 15, 2020, without penalty or interest. This will be similar to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) extension, but applies to any income tax payment, regardless of the amount.
  • Announced the Governor’s Economic Stabilization and Growth Council. This group will be made up of community leaders from a variety of backgrounds and will serve as economic advisors to the Governor during this time.
  • The action regarding the sale of to-go alcoholic beverages has caused some confusion. The Colorado Restaurant Association is advising that plastic cups with lids are allowed to be sold for takeout. This is contrary to information being provided to by State Liquor Enforcement. Given the confusion surrounding this issue and lack of clear direction from the State, The Fraser Winter Park Police will NOT cite or take action against any license holder who decides to sell alcoholic beverages to-go in plastic cups with lids attached as long as other applicable rules are followed. And it should go without saying that “Open Containers” in public or in a motor vehicle are still illegal as well. Please stay safe and remain vigilant to unnecessary risks or dangers, as it is important to not overburden healthcare providers with unnecessary emergencies at this time.

March 20, 2020

  • The Lift Transit Service will switch to Summer Service starting on Monday, March 23.
  • City Market and Safeway are both opening early twice a week for 60+.
    • Safeway– Tues/Thurs 7-9 am
    • City Market – Monday, Weds, 6-7 am.

March 19, 2020

  • As of 6 p.m. on March 19th, Grand County reports the following testing and case numbers for local COVID-19 activity:Total samples submitted for testing: 28 (since 3/12/20)
    • Positive cases: 1
    • Negative test results: 6
    • Pending tests: 22
  • As of 3/18/2020, Grand County had 70 test kits available. 200 more have been ordered and the County is receiving small batches every few days. Testing kits are critically scarce throughout Colorado. However, there is a limited supply of testing kits available in the County. Because of the limited amount, if you have symptoms or think you have been exposed to COVID-19, please call a health care provider for guidance. It is essential that we have enough tests for the critically ill, first responders and healthcare workers.
  • Over 110 volunteers are helping Grand County Human Services distribute food and provide assistance to vulnerable populations. We will provide more information soon for those who would also like to volunteer.
  • Food supplies are safe and abundant, so please do not stockpile goods. However, over-the-counter medications are still in critical supply, so please be considerate by purchasing only what you need and leaving products for others in need.
  • The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment issued an updated public health order that now includes the closing of nonessential personal services facilities, horse track and off-track betting facilities statewide. Nonessential personal services include hair and nail salons, spas, tattoo shops, and massage parlors.
  • Governor Polis signed additional executive orders today. The first temporarily suspends elective and non-essential surgeries and procedures, thereby preserving important medical equipment, such as personal protective equipment and ventilators. The second suspends any in-person filings of forms, statements, applications and any other documents with the Secretary of State’s office.
  • Grand County small businesses are now eligible to apply for SBA loans. While we have some resources available to assist and answer questions with this process, the Winter Park & Fraser Chamber of Commerce intends to continue developing resources to assist in navigating the application process. We will continue to provide links and updates as those resources become available.

March 18, 2020

  • Grand County Public Health released a Resource List for Community Response
  • Grand County Public Health also released a statement regarding testing at the Grand Lake Facility and pending inclement weather. "Drive-up" testing processes will be suspended outside of the Grand Lake Center. The Middle Park Health Family Practice Clinic will remain open. Read more
  • The Fireside Market in Winter Park will be open 8 am – 8 pm starting Sunday and will take to-go and online orders. The Winter Park & Fraser Chamber is tracking the status of local businesses on a live Google Doc.
  • The Lift transit service is in the process of transitioning to summer service starting Monday, March 23rd. We will post service maps and more information as it is available.
  • Governor Polis' request for funding has been sent to the Small Business Administration (SBA)  for inclusion in the Economic Injury Disaster Loan program. This request was sent to SBA on March 16, and includes Grand County.
    • The SBA's Economic Injury Disaster Loan program provides small businesses with working capital loans of up to $2 million that can provide vital economic support to small businesses to help overcome the temporary loss of revenue they are experiencing.
    • We will let you know when the application becomes available for Winter Park businesses and will update our resource list for local businesses with guidance on how to apply.

March 17, 2020

  • Grand County Public Health (GCPH) received a positive test result for the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) on Tuesday, March 17, 2020. The patient is a resident of Grand County. GCPH is working on contact tracing and quarantine measures for the infected patient. The patient provided a sample for testing on March 12th and we received results today from the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE).
  • The information we can share at this time is that the patient has been on self-quarantine since the day before the test. GCPH is working to identify and contact any individuals who may be at risk of having contracted COVID-19 from this individual. As the investigation continues, GCPH will publish any information related to health risks to the general public.
  • If you are concerned about your symptoms, please call the office of your health care provider for guidance. Tell them about your travel or contact as well as your symptoms. Your health care professional will work with county and state public health departments and the CDC to determine if you need to be tested for COVID-19.
  • The Town Council Meeting for March 17 is being postponed until Thursday, March 19 in order to be able to conduct the meeting digitally. Please contact our Town Clerk if you would like to participate in the meeting. No new information on the Town’s COVID-19 response will be presented during the meeting that is not also posted on the Town’s website.
  • Town Hall is currently closed to the public but can be reached via phone and e-mail. Please call ahead if you have an urgent need to conduct business in-person.

March 16, 2020

  • Grand County Board of County Commissioners approved an emergency resolution declaring a local disaster emergency for the County. The declaration allows Grand County to activate the response and recovery aspects of its Emergency Plan and helps authorize aid and assistance.
  • Effective March 15, Winter Park Resort has ceased all on-mountain operations until further notice. Events at the Resort have also been canceled.
  • East Grand and West Grand School District schools will be closed through April 5.
  • Grand County Library District programs, including Storytimes, book clubs, and other events, will be canceled through April 12.
  • Grand Park Community Recreation Center is closed and programs have been suspended until further notice.
  • The Lift transit system will adjust its schedule to hourly service until further notice.
  • Municipal court has been canceled through at least the end of March.
  • Many local businesses are closed or have limited services. The Winter Park & Fraser Chamber of Commerce is keeping a list of local closures.