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Bike to Work Day 2023

June 28, 2023

Bike to Work Day 2023

June is Bike Month in Colorado! On Wednesday, June 28, we celebrate Bike to Work Day. If you commute, we encourage you to bike to work. Biking improves health, lowers stress levels, reduces traffic congestion and improves air quality. Here's a few tips from BikeToWorkDay.co.

Bike to Work Tip #1
Remember to smile as you bicycle past the rows of cars waiting at the intersection - it's just polite.

Bike to Work Tip #2
Most people don't need to shower after a morning commute. But if you want to freshen up, a few toiletries like a washcloth, hand towel, brush or comb are convenient to keep at your desk and easy to use.

Bike to Work Tip #3
Your skull is only about as thick as a dinner plate - and about as fragile. Consider wearing a helmet whenever you ride.

Bike to Work Tip #4
Bicycling to work can be part of the 90 minutes of activity health officials deem necessary to lose weight.

Bike to Work Tip #5
The right tire pressure will help you avoid flats, ride smoother and coast farther. Check your pressure once a week to ensure your tires are properly inflated.

Bike to Work Tip #6
To find an easy and safe bike route for your commute, check your city's bike map before you start to ride. Many are located on the web under city offices.

Bike to Work Tip #7
Eat ... pedal ... eat ... pedal ... eat ... pedal. Don't miss one of the breakfast stations in your community.

Bike to Work Tip #8
Test your senses. Try to identify the different aromas you smell on your daily ride - you'll be amazed at the varieties of flowers in your community.

Bike to Work Tip #9
Motorists are accustomed to watching for large vehicles. Wear as much reflective clothing as possible to make you and your bike look big.

Bike to Work Tip #10
Never ride against traffic! Ride in the right-hand lane with the flow of traffic. Bicycling against the flow of traffic is against the law and extremely dangerous because motor vehicle drivers are not expecting wrong-way traffic. Riding the wrong way increases the chance of a head-on collision with vehicles moving with the normal traffic flow.

Bike to Work Tip #11
Ride as close to the right side of the right lane as safe and practical when being overtaken by another vehicle. Riding on the right doesn't mean hugging the curb or edge of the road. This is not the best place to ride because if you hit the curb or edge of the pavement, you might lose your balance and fall into traffic.

Bike to Work Tip #12
Ride in a straight line. Riding predictably makes you more visible to motorists. It's also easier for a motor vehicle to pass when you're riding in a straight line. Don't weave in and out of parked cars - you may disappear from motorists' sight and get squeezed out or clipped when you need to merge back into traffic.

Bike to Work Tip #13
You don't have to be an athlete to ride a bike to work. Get out and ride just for the fun of it.

Bike to Work Tip #14
No pre-determined schedules. No waiting. No clocks to watch. Enjoy the fun and freedom of riding a bike to work. Anyone can do it.

Bike to Work Tip #15
Too far to commute by bike? Consider riding to the closest bus stop and busing it from there.

Bike to Work Tip #16
Riding one-handed can be dangerous. Resist eating your morning bagel until you get to work.

Bike to Work Tip #17
Challenge your friends to see who can ride the most consecutive number of days. You may be surprised at how motivational a little competition can be.

Bike to Work Tip #18
Be a role model to your kids - wear your bike helmet.

Bike to Work Tip #19
Protect your manicured tootsies. Wear full-coverage shoes instead of sandals when you ride.

Bike to Work Tip #20
Have fun. Enjoy Bike to Work Day!


June 28, 2023