Hideaway Junction Home FAQ

When are applications due?

Applications must be received by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 12th. This reflects an extension of the original dead from Friday, November 6th.

When will the selection take place and can I be present?

The selection is scheduled for Friday November 20th at 3:00 p.m. The selection will be a public meeting, but due to COVID precautions and the level of interest, the public are asked to attend via zoom. For a zoom link please e-mail Assistant Town Manager Alisha Janes at ajanes@wpgov.com

Can I tour the home in advance?

Due to the level of interest, we cannot provide tours at this time. A 3D virtual tour is available here

What are the basic qualifications for entry?

Applicants who currently live and work in Grand County and receive a mortgage prequalification letter from a lender are eligible.

Am I eligible if I own other residential property in Grand County?

Yes, but should you be selected you are required to list the property for sale. Should the property not be sold within 180 days, additional steps are required as specified in the restrictive covenants for the Hideaway Junction Development.

Both my spouse and I are eligible should we both apply?

Applications will be accepted from all qualified applicants, so if both spouses are eligible, both can apply. The same prequalification letter can be used on both applications, as long as both spouses are included in the prequalification. Both applicants can also be prequalified separately.

How will the lottery work? Do certain applicants get preference?

Selection of a qualified applicant and back-up will be through random selection.  The random selection will be done digitally. Each applicant will be assigned certain draw numbers ahead of time, for example numbers 1-5. Two random numbers will be generated electronically to ensure true random chance. Applicants will be assigned additional chances in the random selection via the following criteria. Qualified applicants and their determined number of draws will be posted two days prior to the lottery for applicants to verify the correct number of entries have been assigned. Both a qualified applicant and a back-up candidate will be selected.

Draws Assigned to Qualified Candidates as Follows:

Physical location of current residence

  • Winter Park/Fraser - 3 entries
  • Fraser Rec. District Boundaries - 2 entries
  • Another Area of Grand County - 1 entry

How long have you lived in Grand County?

  • 10+ years - 3 entries
  • 5-10 years - 2 entries
  • 2-5 years - 1 entry
  • 0-2 years - 0 entries

Where do you work?

  • Winter Park / Fraser - 3 entries
  • Fraser Rec. District Boundaries - 2 entries
  • Another Area of Grand County - 1 entry

Am I required to live in the house for a certain length of time?

There is no specific time requirement. Should you decide to sell the home in the future, you are required to notify the Winter Park Housing Corporation. The sale and allowable sale price are governed by the restrictive covenant, which gives the Housing Corporation the first right of refusal on a sale and specifics the allowed appreciation for the resale price. See the restrictive covenant here. Applicants should be aware that no sale price is guaranteed and is subject to the real-estate market at the time of sale.

If selected, would I be responsible for future repairs and maintenance of the home?

Yes, once the home purchase is complete, the selected applicant will be the homeowner and is responsible for all repairs and maintenance that is not covered by the homeowner’s association. HOA documents are available by request.

Should I submit letters of recommendation?

No preference will be given to applications with letters of reference. This is not a part of the application process. Employment verification and verification of the provided application materials will be conducted for the selected applicant only and will only verify that factual information was provided on the application. Please see how selection entries are awarded above.