Parks, Trails, Campgrounds, and Open Space Master Plan

The Town of Winter Park has launched the development of a new Parks, Trails, Campgrounds, and Open Space Master Plan. The plan will assess existing conditions and recommend policies, standards, goals, and improvements to Winter Park's outdoor recreation amenities.

The plan will address issues like ...

  • How will Winter Park's growth and development in housing and infrastructure also support its park and trail network?
  • What are the gaps in outdoor recreation facilities and services that the Town should seek to fill in?
  • How can Winter Park's public facilities help define, preserve, and reflect the Town's character and identity?
  • How can we make Winter Park's outdoor recreation opportunities as convenient and accessible as possible for full-time residents, part-time residents, and visitors?
  • How can the Parks, Trails, Campgrounds, and Open Space Master Plan support the Town's overall planning goals for the downtown core, resort connections, and neighborhoods?

Public Engagement Opportunities

The Town is seeking YOUR feedback during the 'campground assessment' phase of the project. This survey will focus on our campgrounds. Additional information sessions in 2024 will focus on trails and open space.



The Town also heard from many of you at High Note Thursdays during the summertime for feedback about the project's 'parks assessment' phase. You can still take the survey if you couldn't attend one of those events!  Find the parks survey link below.



Project Timeline

The development of the full plan will take several months. The timeline below indicates when the Town will be seeking feedback from residents. Be sure to take the short surveys and send us your thoughts to help us build a plan that works best for everyone.