Progress Made in Forming Fraser River Valley Housing Partnership

August 4, 2022 Update:

The Fraser River Valley Housing Partnership has launched a website where residents can learn more information about current projects. Please visit for more information.

June 16, 2022 Update (Housing Ballot Measure Survey):

The Fraser River Valley Housing Partnership (FRVHP) is conducting an important online and telephone survey on options to create a dedicated funding source for housing initiatives for year-round residents. We want to hear your thoughts! Please take the survey at the link below by Monday, June 20. You can also visit It should only take about 10 minutes to complete. Thank you!

Take the Survey Now


May 18, 2022 Update:

The Winter Park Council appointed Al Furlone as the Winter Park Representative to the Fraser River Valley Housing Partnership at the May 17, 2022 Council meeting.

While discussing the applications, Council noted the high quality of the applications and the great regional interest in supporting the new Housing Partnership. They expressed gratitude to all the applicants.

All the submitted applications will be shared with the newly formed board for consideration for the 3 at-large positions. Additionally, everyone’s support and participation will continue to be necessary as the Housing Partnership pursues funding sources and we anticipate several different opportunities to stay engaged as the effort moves forward. We hope the interest and support expressed across all of the applications is a first step in the successful launch of the Fraser River Valley Housing Partnership.


As of April 28, 2022:

The Towns of Winter Park, Fraser, Granby, and Grand County are making progress in creating an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) and forming a Regional Housing Authority. The new housing authority, named the Fraser River Valley Housing Partnership, is being formed to address regional workforce housing shortages.

Discussion on forming a regional housing authority began in September of 2021 following a joint meeting between the Towns of Fraser and Winter Park. Both the Town of Granby and Grand County joined the working group during the fall of 2021. The draft IGA was presented to all the participating governments at a joint meeting on March 14, 2022.

The primary role of the Fraser River Valley Housing Partnership will be to facilitate the development of workforce housing units. All the participating governments have agreed that workforce housing is a top issue. The Mountain Migration Study revealed that home prices in mountain communities continue to reach record heights, with rents increasing 20-40% within one year. According to the most recent Housing Needs Assessments produced in the Towns of Winter Park (2015) and Fraser (2016), approximately 413 additional housing units were needed for workforce housing in 2020. While Grand County’s 2018 Housing Study demonstrated the need for 135 additional housing units in the Granby Area by 2023.

The IGA formally creates the multi-jurisdictional housing authority, a new governmental entity governed by its own board. Once approved by all participating governments, the IGA will be recorded with the state to formally incorporate the new agency. Each participating government will contribute $20,000 to fund the initial work until a primary funding source is established. The board will consist of seven members. Four will be appointed from the participating governments, and three will be at-large members of the communities.

The Town of Winter Park Council voted to approve the IGA at the April 19, 2022, Council Meeting. All participating governments approved the agreement and the working group is moving forward with formation efforts, including appointing board members and working to identify a more permanent funding source.