Read on for the latest happenings and updates from the Town of Winter Park.

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Thomas Hawkinson

Building Division Title: Building Official Phone: 970-726-8081, ext. 217 Email    

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Wendy Chameroy

Winter Park Water & Sanitation District Title: Administrator Phone: 970-887-2970 Email

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Kent Bosshard

Winter Park Water & Sanitation District Title: District Manager Phone: 970-726-5041 Email

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Michael Koch

Transit Department Title: Transit Manager Phone: (970)726-8081 ext. 210 Email  

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Keith Riesberg

Town Manager Department Title: Town Manager Phone: 970-726-8081, ext. 207 Email

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Danielle Jardee

Town Clerk Department Title: Town Clerk Phone: (970)726-8081 ext. 208 Email

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