Streets Update

We've had a few new updates with our local streets!

Renaming of Kings Crossing

The Town of Winter Park has renamed a portion of Kings Crossing Road. The Kings Crossing Road extension to connect to Grand Park Drive west of the new railroad underpass has required this portion of Kings Crossing Road to terminate east of the railroad and rename the remaining portion of the road from the railroad tracks east to Main Street (see image above).

Keeping the future dead-end portion of Kings Crossing Road named as it currently is presents a potential safety issue, as emergency vehicles may drive that road portion with the intention of accessing the longer portion of Kings Crossing Road, and will be unable to do so. Therefore, it is important to differentiate this portion from the remaining portion of Kings Crossing Road. The Town Council considered the renaming of this portion of Kings Crossing Road to Telemark Drive at public meetings on November 16 and December 7, 2021 and approved the name change via Ordinance 567, Series 2021.

Opening of Kings Crossing Extension & Old Victory Road

You may notice that the barricades here have been removed. Both the Town of Fraser and Town of Winter Park have authorized the execution of agreements to open the roads to the public. Anticipate the roads will be plowed in the coming week (depending on plowing required by new snow) to allow public traffic on these roads. Temporary connection to the at-grade RR crossing will remain open for a short period of time after the new roads are open to traffic. Thank you for your patience in waiting for this road to be officially accepted by the Towns!