The Whole Scoop

The Whole Scoop is the Town of Winter Park's online magazine. Each quarter, it gives you information and details on important projects happening in our Town. Each edition includes a video, quotes from Town staff and officials, links and resources, and more, all in a fun, interactive format! We want our residents to be informed and have the ability to learn about what the Town is doing to make Winter Park a place to live, work, and play, all year long.

Summer Happenings: Growth & Progress

There's a lot happening this summer, so here's a quick recap of some of the biggest accomplishments and progress updates! In this edition of the Whole Scoop, we discuss:

  • Our seasonal crew hard at work managing flowers, parks, and events!
  • How to volunteer for events and get alcohol-vendor certified.
  • What it takes to host a special event in Winter Park.
  • Introduce our new Climate Action Program and Sustainable Community Coordinator Mia Dorris!
  • Featured summer events here in town.
  • Our new 5-Year Transit Plan that just launched with help from all of you!


Town of Winter Park's Core Priorities

  • World-class outdoor recreation

  • Healthy and thriving environment

  • Character and culture

  • Global and local connectivity