Future Project and Annexation FAQs

There's been a lot going on lately in the Town, and we know you might have a few questions! We've put together a brief FAQ page to help you understand more about what annexation is and why it's happening.

Update as of September 20, 2022:

What is happening at the regular Council meeting on September 20?

September 20 is scheduled to be the first reading of 12 ordinances, one for each of the 11 parcels within the Cooper Creek Village annexation and one for the zoning of property with a planned development overlay district. The second reading and public hearing for all of these ordinances is scheduled for the regular Council meeting on October 4. The Town Council, on October 4, will also consider the annexation agreement for Cooper Creek Village. This is subject to change, depending on if Council gives any further direction to change or add anything.


Update as of August 30, 2022:

What is the Town’s role in this plan?

The Town is not the developer. As such, its role is not to manage the project but to ensure the developer’s proposals follow current zoning, land use, and the Imagine Winter Park Plan.

Town planning and development staff take care to review plans and proposals. They also solicit feedback from the community and other interested parties. Staff analysis and public feedback are presented to the Planning Commission for consideration. The Planning Commission then makes a recommendation to Town Council to approve or deny the developer’s application. Town Council is the final decision-making body. This decision is based on whether or not the Final Development Plan adheres to the Town’s plans and future development goals.

It is the developer’s responsibility to manage the project. In 2021, the developer requested that the Town annex the Cooper Creek Village parcel into its boundaries. Doing so would then require the property to be developed according to the Town’s land use and zoning rules.

Annexation is dependent on the approval of the developer’s Final Development Plan, which Council will consider on September 6, 2022. If the Town approves a Final Development Plan, it would be up to the developer to move the project forward.


When can the public comment on development plans?

All Town Council and Planning Commission meetings are open to the public, and residents can share feedback during the public hearing portion of the agenda. Meetings are also available on Zoom, and public comment can be taken over Zoom after all comments in the room have been made.


Who can make public comments?

Anyone is welcome to make a public comment at Town Council Meetings or Planning Commission Meetings, whether a long-time resident of Winter Park, a second homeowner, or someone who recently moved to the area! Council meetings are held on the first and third Tuesdays of the month at 5:30 p.m. If planning to make a public comment, please review our Public Comment Policy which can be found here. This keeps our meetings running along smoothly and offers everyone an equal opportunity to speak.

See our Agenda and Minutes page for our Town Policy on Public Comments. 


Who can I contact for more information or to submit public comments?

If you have questions or want to comment on this development project, please email Town Clerk Dani Jardee at djardee@wpgov.com.

See our Agenda and Minutes page for our Town Policy on Public Comments. 


Update as of July 28, 2021:

What are the steps for a new project in Winter Park?

If the property proposed for development is already within the Town’s boundaries, then the developer can move forward through the town’s planning process for reviewing a proposed project. If the property is not already within the Town’s boundaries, then the parcel must be annexed into the Town’s boundaries before entering that process.


What does annexation mean?

Annexation means that a piece of property moves within the boundaries of Winter Park and therefore is subject to the Town’s land use and zoning rules. In turn, the Town provides services to all parcels within Town boundaries.


What is the Rogers annexation?

The Rogers property is a 4-acre parcel next to Beaver Village and on the west side of US Highway 40. The owner has petitioned for annexation, which Council accepted on June 15. There are no current development proposals for this parcel.


What is the Beaver Village annexation?

The Beaver Village condominiums are an existing development not currently within Town boundaries. Annexation will bring it under the Town of Winter Park’s jurisdiction.


What is the Cooper Creek annexation?

Cooper Creek Village is a 50-acre parcel that spans the north and south sides of the train tracks and is adjacent to the site where the terminal will be for the proposed gondola between Winter Park Resort and downtown.


What will happen after the Cooper Creek annexation?

The annexation is an important part of the land use development plan for the Cooper Creek project. It contains an easement corridor that will allow for construction of a bike and ski-back trail from the resort to downtown. While still several years down the road, the bike and ski-back trail is the priority element of this project to enhance resort/town connections for the community.