Forestry Department

The Forestry Department is responsible for the health of our forests within Town limits, including tree and slash removal, and mitigation.

The Town of Winter Park has adopted a Nuisance Ordinance (Ordinance 467, Series 2013) that requires the removal of any trees that are dead, dying or diseased, or are in the process of dying as a result of being blown over or leaning precariously toward a structure. 

The presence of this type of trees in the town presents a real and substantial risk to the public in the form of an increased risk of a rapidly spreading fire and a significant threat to the aesthetic values which are of great importance to the social and economic vitality of the Town.

If these trees are within or near power lines, please call Mountain Park Electric (MPE) Operations Department at 970-887-3378, ext. 281 or 244. 

  • When MPE receives a request from a property owner, they will send out a crew to determine if a tree is within their easement and if it is, they will have it scheduled for removal. The property owner should mark the trees they believe are within the MPE easement with marking tape prior to calling them for a site visit.
  • This only applies to MPE’s main power lines, they will not remove trees that may threaten a secondary power line which is the line that runs from the power pole to a structure. MPE will drop the secondary power line for the property owner while the trees are removed but the actual cost for tree removal is the responsibility of the property owner.