Business Licenses

The Town of Winter Park Town Code requires the licensing of any business, occupation, profession, or activity engaged in for-profit within the Town limits, regardless of actual physical business location. Businesses with multiple locations or branches within the Town limits are required to obtain a business license for each location they operate. Find information about related fees here.

The Town uses MUNIRevs, an online business licensing and reporting system to provide a secure, online tool for businesses to apply for business licenses, file tax returns, renew licenses and submit payments. Visit the MUNIRevs website to register and begin remitting. Be sure to review the instructions and FAQs or contact the MUNIRevs directly if additional assistance is needed. Unlimited phone and web support are available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. by contacting MUNIRevs at or (888) 751-1911.

While the Town of Winter Park does not require that you have a sales tax license with the State of Colorado, it is your responsibility to confirm that the proper sales tax (State and Grand County) is being remitted to the State of Colorado on behalf of your business. If you do need a license, start the process here.

Need to print your Town of Winter Park business license?

Go to the 'Manage Your Account' section of the business center in your MUNIrevs account. Click on your account name in the section directly below 'Print Your License'. Click on the PDF symbol next to your business name.

Don’t have a login to MUNIrevs? Contact Susan Kauber at to get your activation code and begin to manage your account online.


The only persons or organizations exempt from business license requirements are:

  • Churches
  • Charitable corporations
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Governments
  • Persons exempt under federal or state law
  • Special events as licensed by the Town
  • Wholesale businesses not required to obtain a Colorado sales tax license

If you or your organization is exempt from business license requirements but plan to conduct business within Town limits, please contact the Business Support Technician to verify your exemption.

Get Involved

The Winter Park-Fraser Chamber of Commerce serves a number of needs in our community, among them is offering programs and projects that enhance the vitality of businesses here in Winter Park. For more information on how the Chamber might help your business, visit the Chamber website.

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Renting your condo? If your unit is located within the Town limits and you plan to rent it nightly or for periods of less than 31 days, you must hold a business license and remit sales tax. Those units that are professionally managed by a third party may operate under the property management business license.

If you or your organization is exempt from business license requirements but plan to conduct business within Town limits, please contact the Business Support Technician to verify your exemption.

Need to License a Business with the Town?

The Town of Winter Park's Business License is valid for one year from the date of issue. The annual licensing fee is $60 (visit this page for more information on fees). You will need to contact the Building Department for building and renovation requirements. Plus, you will need a Sign Permit.

Sign Permit

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