Real Estate Transfer Tax

About the Transfer Tax

The Town of Winter Park collects a 1% Real Estate Transfer Tax (RETT) on the transfer of any real estate within the Town. The 1% RETT goes into the Town’s General Fund to help pay for services provided by the Town, snowplowing, police, parks maintenance, etc.

An additional Real Estate Transfer Assessment (RETA) will be added to certain developments. This map shows if the property has an additional RETA. The additional RETA helps to offset the impact the development has on workforce housing and Town services.

App version of the map

Certain real estate transfers are exempt from the Transfer Tax. Property transfers where the consideration is for less than $500 are exempt from the Transfer Tax. Additional exemptions include gifts of real property and '1031 Exchanges'.

Property Taxes

All property taxes, including Town property taxes, are collected by Grand County. For information related to property taxes on a particular parcel of land within the Town, please contact the Grand County Assessor's Office.