Kings Crossing Road Update

Actions Needed for Completion:

  • Grand Park Drive – Agreement b/w Cornerstone & Town of Fraser require completion prior to June 30, 2021
    • A non-exclusive roadway easement granted to TOWP upon completion
  • Kings Crossing Extension – in conjunction w/ acceptance of Grand Park Drive – June 30, 2021 deadline
    • The temporary crossing of the RR tracks will be closed
    • Non-exclusive roadway easement granted to TOWP
    • Infrastructure within TOWP is conveyed to the Town w/ one-year warranty
  • Old Victory Road – to be completed in future
    • Relocatable easement granted to TOWP upon completion of Kings Crossing Extension Road
  • TOWP’s financial obligations were completed – placed in escrow accounts for completion of required road improvements

Other Roadway Changes:

  • Kings Crossing & Lion's Gate Drive
    • Will become a 4-way stop
    • Section of Kings Crossing will be renamed
  • Hideaway Junction Phase II
    • Infrastructure planned - includes turn-around at closure
    • Potential for construction to begin this year
  • Pedestrian trail across RR
    • Engineering options being explored
    • Improvements (to be defined) would be made in the future fiscal year

View complete PowerPoint presentation of updates here.