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Meetings are available on Zoom for added convenience, however, if there are technical difficulties, meetings will continue as scheduled at Town Hall. Anyone is welcome to attend in person.

Policy on Town Hall Meeting Public Comment

The Town Council of the Town of Winter Park recognizes the value of public comment on public issues relevant to Town government and acknowledges the importance of allowing members of the public to express themselves on matters of community interest. To permit the fair and orderly expression of such comments, Council provides a period for public comment at every regular meeting.

Public participation shall be governed by the following rules:

  1. A participant must be recognized by the presiding officer prior to speaking.
  2. A participant shall be limited to 3 minutes.
  3. No participant may speak more than once or for longer than 3 minutes; no “pooling” of time is allowed.
  4. All statements shall be directed to the Council as a body; no participant may address or question Town staff or Council members individually.
  5. All statements shall be limited to Town business and matters of community interest that are relevant to Town business.
  6. Signs are limited to 18 x 24 inches in size so as not to block other meeting attendees’ views. Participants with signs must display them in a manner so as not to obstruct the views of other meeting attendees.
  7. The presiding officer may:
    1. Interrupt, warn, or terminate a participant's statement when the statement is too lengthy, abusive, obscene, or irrelevant;
    2. Request any individual to leave the meeting when that person does not observe reasonable decorum;
    3. Request the assistance of law enforcement if a person's conduct interferes with the orderly progress of the meeting; and
    4. Call for a recess if the lack of decorum so interferes with the orderly conduct of the meeting as to warrant such action.

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Town Council

Town Council Regular Meeting 09.20.2022 Town Council Regular Meeting

  • First Readings of Ordinances 579 through 589 for the Cooper Creek Annexation, Annexing in to the Town Eleven Parcels of Land at Different Acreages
  • First Reading of Ordinance 590, An Ordinance of the Town of Winter Park, Colorado Zoning Upon Annexation Property Known as Cooper Creek Village and Rezoning
    Certain Property Within the Town Known as Cooper Creek North and
    Cooper Creek South to Destination Center District Zoning with a Planned
    Development District Overlay and Approving the Related Final
    Development Plan
  • Resolution 2009, A Resolution Approving the Annexation Agreement with
    JAC Colorado, LLC; Cooper Creek WP, LLC; Station WP, LLC; and Winter Park
    Tower, LLC for Property Known as Cooper Creek Village, Cooper Creek
    North, and Cooper Creek South
  • Public Hearing - Special Event Permit - Backcountry Tap Room/Winter Park Resort
  • (This item will be opened and continued to October 18. Public wishing to
    comment may speak now or hold their comments until October 18.) Public
    Hearing, Resolution 1997, A Resolution Approving a Special Use Permit
    Regarding a Regulated Marijuana Business Use for BlackJack Cannabis, LLC
  • (This item will be opened and continued to October 18. Public wishing to
    comment may speak now or hold their comments until October 18.) Public
    Hearing, (Local Licensing Authority) –Consideration of Regulated
    Marijuana Business License for BlackJack Cannabis, LLC
  • Resolution 2010, A Resolution Approving a Policy Interpreting the Phase 2
    Regulated Marijuana Business Application Requirement for an Applicant
    to Demonstrate the Right to Occupy or Possess the Proposed Licensed

Town Council Workshop 09.20.2022 Town Council Workshop

  • Introduction and Discussion with Eric Freels - USFS Sulphur District Ranger
  • Presentation of proposal for Winter Park, Trails, Parks, Campgrounds and Open Space Master Plan

Town Council Regular Meeting 09.06.2022 Town Council Regular Meeting

  • Public Hearing (continued from August 16) - Final Development Plan - Cooper Creek Village, Cooper Creek North, and Cooper Creek South/Annexation Agreement - Cooper Creek Village
  • Public Hearing - Special Event Permits - Plein Air @ Altitude, Fall Fest
  • Authorizing Alpine Trail Easement
  • Approving a Donation to the Middle Park Health Foundation as a Contribution Toward the Fraser Medical Campus
  • Funding and Contribution of the Incentive Program (Short-Term Fix) to Encourage Property Owners to Enter into Long-Term Master Leases with Local Small Businesses for Employee Housing Based on Established Rules and Guidelines
  • Recommendation of a Winter Park Citizen Representative to the Board of County Commissioners for Appointment to the Open Lands, Rivers and Trails Advisory Committee

Town Council Regular Meeting 08.16.2022 Town Council Meeting

  • Public Hearing - Final Development Plan, Cooper Creek North, and Cooper Creek South/Annexation Agreement - Cooper Creek Village
  • Local Licensing Authority- Resolution 1999, A Resolution Approving the Decision to Issue a Regulated Marijuana Business License to Basecamp Cannabis for a Retail Marijuana Store
  • Adopting an Updated Open Records Policy
  • Approving a Donation to the Fraser River Valley Metro Recreation District as a Contribution toward the Fitness Center Expansion
  • Approving a Lease Agreement with Grand County Water & Sanitation District #1
  • Approving an Intergovernmental Agreement with Sojourn at Idlewild Metropolitan District

Town Council Workshop 08.16.2022 Town Council Workshop

  • Grand County Tourism Board Update
  • Vasquez Creek Trail River Project Overview
  • Overview and Direction for Housing Initiatives and Plans

Town Council Regular Meeting 08.02.2022 Town Council Meeting

  • Public Hearing, Special Use Permit BlackJack Cannabis, LLC
  • Public Hearing, Consideration of Regulated Marijuana Business License, Basecamp Cannabis
  • Public Hearing, Consideration of Regulated Marijuana Business License, BlackJack Cannabis LLC
  • Approval of Public Comment Procedure
  • Quarterly Financial Report
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