Beaver Village Condos Annexation

Homes in the Beaver Village area will be considered a part of the Town of Winter Park starting July 1, 2023. Read our FAQs to learn what this means for residents.



On May 16, 2023, Winter Park Town Council approved an ordinance adopting the annexation of Beaver Village Condominiums into Town limits, an ordinance zoning the property, and a resolution approving the annexation agreement with Beaver Village Condominiums. The annexation goes into effect July 1, 2023.


Independent of this annexation, the Town is acquiring an easement from Beaver Village Filing 3 as part of a much larger plan to eventually connect Winter Park Resort with the Town via gondola. The Town has been securing easements for the gondola corridor with the majority of the required easements obtained through the Cooper Creek Village annexation. The completion of this project is many years down the road, but you can find frequently asked questions about what progress has been made thus far here.


What is changing?

As a property owner or resident of Beaver Village Condominiums, you probably won’t notice too many changes. Since this land now falls under the Town of Winter Park’s jurisdiction, you will benefit from Town services and must follow Town ordinances. For example, you will now be served by the Fraser Winter Park Police Department instead of the Grand County Sheriff’s Office. Transit services are now provided at no cost to the Beaver Village Condominium HOAs. For those who short-term rent their unit, starting July 1, the taxes on the rental of those properties must be remitted to the Town.


Short-Term Rental Registration and Business Licensing

If you rent your condo out as a short-term rental (nightly or for periods of less than 31 days), you must hold a business license and remit sales tax.


I Use a Property Management Company

If a third party professionally manages your property, it may operate under the property management business license, and you do not need to take action at this time.


I Do Not Use a Property Management Company

You can apply for a business license on the Town website under Doing Business > Business Licenses. More information about business licenses, how to apply for a license, and other frequently asked questions can also be found there. You can also contact the Town’s Business Support Technician, Susan Kauber, at If you rent your condo, taxes collected during the month of July must be remitted to the Town by August 20.


Short-Term Rental Licenses

Since October 31, 2021, the Town requires short-term rental properties to hold a short-term rental license in addition to a business license. All short-term rentals must be registered with the Town prior to any advertising or short-term renting. All short-term rental registrations have the same expiration date of September 30 and must be renewed each year to continue renting (the registration is not pro-rated).

For all short-term rentals in Beaver Village Condominiums, the Town is not requiring short-term rental registration until the next rental renewal period begins this fall. If you plan to continue renting (or begin renting) your unit short-term for the 2023-2024 season, your short-term rental registration is due September 30, 2023.

Information about registering, paying the registration fee, and the complete Short-Term Rental Policy can be found on the Town website at


Town of Winter Park Tax Rate

For all taxable activities, the tax rate to charge for the Town of Winter Park is 7.0%. This does not include the State sales tax of 2.9% or the Grand County sales tax of 1.3%. The total sales tax for taxable activities is a combined 11.2%. The Colorado Department of Revenue collects the State and County tax. The Town of Winter Park collects the Town’s sales tax.