Hideaway Junction Phase I Available Home

What is the Hideaway Junction Project?

Hideaway Junction, located at the corner of Lions Gate Drive and Kings Crossing Road, is a collection of two- and three-bedroom single-family, deed-restricted homes. Homes built in the project's first phase on Trestle Drive are known as Hideaway Junction Phase I. One of these homes (a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home located at 104 Trestle Drive) is available for purchase in 2024.

The Town is adding twenty homes to this project, known as Hideaway Junction Phase II, located at the corner of Telemark Drive and Spur Trail. Eight of those homes should be ready for purchase in 2024, with an estimated average price of $460,000 for a three-bedroom home and $420,000 for a two-bedroom home. (Final sales price will be determined by average median income and available interest rates).



Workforce Housing Home Ownership Eligibility:

Those who are eligible for workforce home ownership must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a full-time resident of Grand County
  • Must be employed at least 32 hours a week or 1,200 hours a year for a Grand County-based employer
  • Must show a full-time work history in Grand County for three out of the past four years
  • Must show proof of mortgage qualification for the home price

You are INELIGIBLE for housing based on the following:

  • Currently reside outside of Grand County or work remotely outside of Grand County
  • Moved to Grand County or began Grand County-based employment after May 2020
  • Household income exceeds the upper-income limit


Hideaway Junction Phase I Key Dates:

  • December 4 – Application Release Date
  • December 7, 4-7 p.m. – Open House at 104 Trestle Drive for Phase I
  • December 22, 5 p.m. – Phase I Applications Due
  • January 3, 3 p.m. – Phase I Live Lottery
  • February 19 – Phase I Anticipated Closing Date


What restrictions apply to home resale?

  • The Town will maintain the first right of refusal to purchase and resell these homes.
  • Sale price growth is restricted to 2% for the first three years and 1% each year after that; however, home improvement projects or excessive damage could increase or decrease the sales price respectively.


Frequently Asked Questions about Hideaway Junction

Our Assistant Town Manager provided this video resource for those with questions about Hideaway Junction, including basic qualifications, lottery tiers, required documents for your application, downpayment assistance, loan prequalification, how the lottery works, and more.


Hideaway Junction Application

This application can apply to both the Hideaway Junction Phase I home and any homes in Hideaway Junction Phase II. A higher mortgage prequalification letter can be used for multiple applications. As Phase II homes are priced higher than Phase I, if you wish to apply for all available homes, it is advisable to seek one loan qualification for the highest potential sale price ($460,000).



More Information About Hideaway Junction Phase II

If you are looking for more information about the eight homes that will soon be available in Hideaway Junction Phase II, please find our frequently asked questions here.


Still have questions?

Please contact housing@wpgov.com if you have additional questions regarding affordable housing in Winter Park. You can also find several frequently asked questions about other projects, general qualifications, salary requirements, and more under Resident Resources.