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Find sales tax reports, apply for business licenses, file tax returns and learn more about the Town's sales tax rate.

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The Town of Winter Park uses MUNIRevs, an online sales tax licensing and reporting system, to provide a secure online tool for businesses to apply for a business license, file tax returns, renew licenses and submit payments (find information about fees here). Visit the MUNIRevs website to register and begin remitting. Be sure to review the instructions and FAQs or contact the MUNIRevs directly if additional assistance is needed. Unlimited phone and web support are available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. by contacting MUNIRevs at or (888) 751-1911.

It is your responsibility to confirm that the proper sales tax (State and Grand County) is being remitted to the State of Colorado on behalf of your business. If you do need a State of Colorado license, start the process here.

To close an account, send an email to providing what city it is in, town license number, business name, and "closed as of" date.


Tax Rate

For all taxable activities, the tax rate to charge for the Town of Winter Park is 7.0%. This does not include the State sales tax of 2.9% or the Grand County sales tax of 1.3%. (The total sales tax for taxable activities is a combined 11.2% - Colorado Department of Revenue collects the State and County tax). The Town of Winter Park collects the Town's sales tax.

For lodging activity

The sales tax rate is 7.0%. Lodging includes leasing or rental of any hotel room, motel room, or other public accommodation in any hotel, apartment-hotel, motel or trailer court or park or any similar place to any person, who, for a consideration, uses, possesses or has the right to use or possess such room or other accommodation for a total continuous duration of less than thirty (30) days. Tax should be collected on any services that are not optional including resort fees, cleaning fees, or other fees associated with the rental. (4% Sales Tax, 1% Accommodation Tax, 2% Transit & Trails Tax)

For all non-lodging activities
Items to be aware of

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